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JM HID kits

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I talked to the guy from JM Auto Racing and he has agreed to group buy with dakota-durango.com. Here's the deal... Right now the price for a single set without the group buy is $99 shipped, but if we can get 5 people to commit it will be $85 shipped and 10 people would be $80 shipped. This group buy will only go on until Jan 31,2010. The terms are you can chose any size and temp you want but if you use paypal there will be a 3% fee added or to avoid that you can request a invoice from him and not have to worry about the 3% fee.
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JM Auto Racing PM http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=13500
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Am I too late to get in on this?
Is this for the digital or magnetic? Regular HID or Bi-Xenon?
Answer my questions first. /\
Give me an address to send my money to! What bulb size is a bi-xenon for my 2002 dodge durango? $115
If JM Racing doesn't respond to my PM tonight, am I out of the group buy?
I just sent in my money for a bi-xenon kit, I'm pumped!
Man did we get 15 people for another $5 off lol. That would be awesome!!!
Please tell me we did, I only got $10 off my $125 kit and you all got $20 off the $100 kit, that would be lovely to get another $5 off!
My number doesn't work, I'm Tyler H.
your number does work.

Label/Receipt Number: 9101128882300994192018
Class: Priority Mail®
Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

I stand corrected, but I can't get it myself. Oh well, I could care less about what cities it goes to before me, thank you for checking! :mullet:
Got my number to work, I tried UPS before instead of USPS. Silly me!
Thats just what I did haha!
I got mine today, but in the wrong temp, I got 4500 and I ordered 6000K. I'll PM JM soon, how do I assure myself that I got the Bi-Xenon Kit? What should I look for?
ill never have another car and not put one of these kits in. its a night and day difference
You guys are all getting me so excited, how did you guys secure the digital ballasts? They're kind of heavy....
Do I need to drill, can't I just zip tie them somewhere?
Can someone PM me the address of the seller, I'm having communication difficulties and I need to exchange my bulb temp. thanks!
Bump to my question....
1 - 16 of 230 Posts
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