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JM HID kits

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I talked to the guy from JM Auto Racing and he has agreed to group buy with dakota-durango.com. Here's the deal... Right now the price for a single set without the group buy is $99 shipped, but if we can get 5 people to commit it will be $85 shipped and 10 people would be $80 shipped. This group buy will only go on until Jan 31,2010. The terms are you can chose any size and temp you want but if you use paypal there will be a 3% fee added or to avoid that you can request a invoice from him and not have to worry about the 3% fee.
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Hey guys ..... all ballasts are digital.. I do not sell the magnetic as there like the vcr of HID ktis and the digital are the blue rays :)

Also the prices there are for the low beam kits. If you want a high beam kit, I will honor the discount. It will be 115 for the bixenon kits instead of 135
Thats a good deal. 55 watt 9007 HI/LOW 6000K HID for 79.95. Shipping is 17.00 but is still a good price

$50 hid kits? Lets think about that. I bet you they last 50 weeks at most. Those kits are way to cheap to be of any quality. You don't want to believe me then Ill let you talk with the experts
Note: All payments require a $5 non-refundable deposit. If your on the list pm me for payment details
Bos-R/T, you didn't have to cut anything. All you had to do was pull the metal pieces out of the connector and switch them. All hi/low bulbs (9007, h13 ) etc have different spots for the hot wires on every car. Which is why he come with the connector.
To clarify, 2 kits= two people... 3 kits = 3 people.... I am not a duesh thats good enough for me.
The hig/low kits are 115 and I will ship to canada for an additional $20. You need to disable or bypass drl
This group buy will end on the 29th of january which is next friday
Its ending the 29th so I can collect all funds by the 31st. If there are any last minute buyers that is fine. If you want in on the group buy just put your name on the list and get in contact with me about how to set up payments.

High/low kits are always more expensive and they are currently not on sale. You paid 115 shipped because when you bought i was not offering free shipping. This month on the hids kit I am.
As of right now only one person is on this group buy. I have received a payment from JohnPrice. Payments on the high/low kits can be sent at anytime and for anyone awaiting the final price on the low kits, please send me their email so I can send them credit authorization forms. Once you have the form fill it out and send it back. Once the group buy ends your card will be charged for either 85 or 80 depending on the amonut of people
There is enough people for the high/low. There is at least 5 people and the only discount is 125 for the high/low kits.
boss has been sent a form.... and i spoke to 99408kotar/t about payment...

so far that makes 4. I am sure the thread starter will get a kit just has to pm me to let me know how he wants to do it
thats correct... any of the other buyers need to contact me asap so we can get a deff count
ok send me your email via pm so I can send you a form
I have only money from one person and tomorrow is the last day. You need to pm me in order to set up payments so I can get this order together
ok so car i got deff payments from boss, zcliff and one other guy. I have pmed rt so what his deal is
As of right now there is 7 kits need 3 more by today to make 80 shipped on low beam kits
Kota decided he wanted two more which makes 9 kits. One more buyer has to send money today or cc info to honor the 10 kit low beam price.
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