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JM HID kits

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I talked to the guy from JM Auto Racing and he has agreed to group buy with dakota-durango.com. Here's the deal... Right now the price for a single set without the group buy is $99 shipped, but if we can get 5 people to commit it will be $85 shipped and 10 people would be $80 shipped. This group buy will only go on until Jan 31,2010. The terms are you can chose any size and temp you want but if you use paypal there will be a 3% fee added or to avoid that you can request a invoice from him and not have to worry about the 3% fee.
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JM Auto Racing PM http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=13500
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1.zclif2601 foglight HID 6000k 881
7.Jon price
8.gillyiowa possibly???
I have been told that digital ballasts are better but my mags arn't all that bad. And Matt I already have 6000k in the headlights so Ill get 6000k for the fogs. Nice and clean white with a slight tint of blue
Thanks for the picture Matt and to answer your question I never ran the HIDs in a stock housing. And as for my magnetic ballasts I never have had a problem with radio interference. The ones i have are from a member on here by boomfist.
Overall 6000k is the way to go in my opinion and think get it now and run it stock until you can get clear headlights and to tell you the truth I really liked the stock corners with my crystal HL.
As for the High/Low goes I would assume no because they are alot more but honestly with hids you would need them, just your regular lights.
These are my 6000k. But not the best pic. In a crystal clear HL

Not the best pic but stock corners
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second day and another guy! Sweet Boss! You the man! Jump on this Russ
I did not buy these yet. I have gotten them from a different user on here. But Boss has them from this guy
In that case I have them lol
I'll snap a pic of mine tonight but they are not from JM. You wont blind people if you aim them towards the ground
So I received a email from JM and he said nobody has sent him the $5 non-refundable fee and I responded by stating that when I started this GB with you, you never said anything about the $5 in the original post but yet approved of it when I posted it up. So I guess we gotta see what happens. Not much interest though.
hope fully JM will count you guys that want 2 sets as 2 people?
Anyone have these in an 2004 Durango? I'm thinking of doing both highand low beam.
headlights and fogs?
do we still have people committed?
list updated we only need 2 more people!
gillyiowa I added you. Are you still in?
Are the ones for the headlights high and low beams?
If you want those they are 115 instead of 135. PM him to double check
I dont know how successful this is going to be due to the fact that things keep changing...But will see.
That's a good day! My birthday and the day my tax return comes back!
So your in?
you dont take papal? im still in for 2 kits.
He does but there is a 3% fee he charges for
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