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JM HID kits

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I talked to the guy from JM Auto Racing and he has agreed to group buy with dakota-durango.com. Here's the deal... Right now the price for a single set without the group buy is $99 shipped, but if we can get 5 people to commit it will be $85 shipped and 10 people would be $80 shipped. This group buy will only go on until Jan 31,2010. The terms are you can chose any size and temp you want but if you use paypal there will be a 3% fee added or to avoid that you can request a invoice from him and not have to worry about the 3% fee.
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ill probably be in for an h3 6000k kit for my piaa fog lights on my sniper bumper if we can get the 80 shipped price
i have hid's in both of my cars in high, low, and fog and when aimed properly you wont get flashed. once you have them you will wonder why the hell you havent yet because its a night and day difference.
im in for 2 kits. H3 6000k kit for my r/t fogs and an 899 6000k kit for my sisters stratus r/t. as far as the 5 dollar deposit, im not sending any money until i know for sure what the cost is gonna be.
he should. its about the amount not how many people i would think
ok then that settles that. im in for 2 kits if this works out
i am in for a set of the 6000 high low, from what ive read i wont have any problems putting them in a 1996 dakota (non projector light) right?
no you dont need projector headlights. they work just fine in a stock housing. im committed for 2 kits
you dont take papal? im still in for 2 kits.
oh well im cool with that. i would ratrher use paypal.
ok guys well i now need four kits. my buddies 08 mustang gt. a hi/lo kit and fog for his gt. H13 hi/lo and an H11 fog.
pm'd for a total. i can send money tomorrow night as soon as i get off work.
As of right now there is 7 kits need 3 more by today to make 80 shipped on low beam kits
pm me a total and your paypal address and i will send money for four kits this afternoon
come on guys one more person. i got six kits from just me. help a brother out. ill be home in a bit to send the money
payment sent for 6 kits
who has all paid so far?? how is that not 10 kits? come on guys let go:mullet:
so that makes 11. awesome. so we all get a refund from jm. when are these kits gonna ship?
guess i should have read this before i pm'd him asking whenn they were gonna ship out.... my bad. come on guys pay up haha . one more
Answer my questions first. /\
digital 115 for bi and 80 for regular
For us guys who sent $85 shipped you where the 10 and 11 kit you made it $80 for the guys who sent $85 if that makes any sense.
what he said. i bought 6 kits so i should be getting about 43 bucks back. thanks banana for saving us some money. does anyone have a website for the kits he is selling us?
im confused. i thought if we got 10 kits sold the hi/lo kits were 115???
ok. were these able to ship out today?
1 - 20 of 230 Posts
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