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January Dakota OTM Nominations

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Nominations will be accepted from 1/02 through 1/15

Some of the Rules:
1. You can't nominate yourself.
2. You may nominate 2 active forum users.
3. You can nominate anyone you wish who is active on the forum, but if you would like some suggestions check out the trucks in the Photos & Videos forum.
4. Please make sure your nominations are spelled correctly! Search the Members List to verify spelling if necessary.
5. You can only nominate Dodge Dakotas.
6. The person must still own the truck being nominated.

Click this link to send DAKSPORT1PA a PM with up to TWO nominations
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I had no idea this site was hurting this bad for member participation. I thought it was always steadily running.

I've always been butt-hurt about not getting TOTM when I was active on here. Can I get a sympathy nomination???
I sympathetically nominate BOOM_FIST for Truck Of The Month, you can determine which month it shall be...:mullet:
Ill 2nd this
Talkin'bout...thas what I'm talking bout!
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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