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Well first off, thanks for the nominations. I'm flattered. Secondly, had I been prepared for this, I'd have taken some badass pics of my truck. But unfortunately its in storage right now and I really have no awesome pics. So these will have to do for now. They're some recent pics in there, and there's some not so recent pics in here. So hopefully these do justice.


Exterior: (All install labor done by yours truly)
-Stillen Front End
-Cervinis Side Skirts
-Shaved Tailgate
-Silver Racing Stripes (done by yours truly)
-SS Grille
-SS Side Mirrors
-Billet Antenna
-17" Chrome R/T Wheels
-275 Bridgestones
-25/25/10 Tint
-Checkmate Tonneau

-52mm F&B Billet Throttle Body
-2bbl M-1 Intake Manifold
-Mopar Performance 6500rpm Valvesprings
-Mopar Performance Roller Lifters
-Comp Cams Custom Ground Camshaft (specs below)
-Comp Cams .080 Heat Treated Pushrods
-Comp Cams 1.7 Adjustable Roller Rockers
-JP Performance Double Roller Timing Chain
-Mopar Performance 3.92 Gears
-Mopar Valve Covers
-180º Thermostat
-Socal Custom Flash PCM
-Gibson Shorty Headers
-Hollowed Cats (oh yea baby, loud as piss and illegal)
-Flowmaster 30 Series (true dual)
-MSD 6A Ignition Amplifier
-MSD Blaster Coil
-Accel Brass Cap and Rotor
-Taylor 8mm Wires
-NGK 5553 (gapped .044)
-Precision Industries Viper 3400 Stall Converter (specs below)
-TransGo Shift Kit
-Mopar Performance Tranny Solenoid/Transducer

Dyno Results:
rwhp: 265.4
rwtq: 302.9
~crank: 316 hp (assuming the average 19% drivetrain loss)

[email protected] (definitely good for a mid 13 with some slicks on)

· I'm Retired!
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steve_r/t said:

Just thought I throw in that I seriously think you have the best looking dak I've ever seen..I'm a lil partial to rc's due to owning one myself you have it set up perfectly...the height, color, body kit, everything about it. that first picture you have posted looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine.

yet at the same time I like that fact that you didn't go overboard like a lot of other people do when customizing..I like the fact you kept the r/t wheels (an r/t just isn't an r/t without the stock rims imho) perfect truck man..good job
:clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

I just wanna say thanks for that. That means a lot to me. Mostly because I don't do this work on my truck for other people to judge, which is why it such an honor to even be nominated. I'm one of those guys who don't ask for other people's opinions when doing mods. I do my own research and come up with what i think looks nice, and then start putting it together. In my case, I like to maintain a stock, yet expensive look. Not so much a "custom" look.

Anyhow, sorry about the pics guys, I know the first one is very nice (it was my "award winning" picture over two years ago). So it's a little outdated. Some things have changed since then. I wish I had the time and weather to go out and get you all some nice pics to gawk at. Anyhow, Darren is in the process of making me some custom visors (I should have them next week), so its ironic I have to go up against him this month, haha.

Either way the voting goes, thanks again for the nominations guys, means a lot to me. And thanks for the votes in advance.

Steve R/T, Thanks for the compliment, I will surely remember that for a long time. It's nice to have your hard work appreciated every now and then.
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