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· '10 Camaro RS/SS
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Many thanks for the nominations guys, and what a nice surprise! :biggthump Nice to be recognized by your peers! Here's some pics from this year's events...

And here's a current list of modifications....

Exterior Mods

Sir Michael's Steel Roll Pan
Painted Door Handles
Painted Mirrors
Painted Roof Joint Molding
Shaved Tailgate Handle
Street Scene Wiper Cowl (Painted Red)
Pro-Glass Shaker Hood
Stillen Front Bumper Cover
Street Scene Polished Stainless Steel Speed Grilles
Line-x Custom Red Spray-On Bedliner w/"R/T" graphic (made by yours truly :biggthump )
Billet "R/T" 3rd Brake Light Cover
Billet Specialties Stealth antenna
AMP Research Billet Fuel Door (powder coated Red)
Clear Corner marker lights
Intro Pentia 6's 20" Polished Aluminum Rims (20x8.5 front/ 20x10 rear)
Dunlop SP Sport 9000 High Performance Tires (255/35/20 front/ 295/40/20 rear)

Performance/Engine Mods

M-1 Intake Manifold
F&B 52 mm Throttle Body
Harland Sharp 1.7 roller rockers
Mopar PCM
Mopar PPH Headers
Random Technology High Flow Cat
Spintech Side Exit Exhaust
Taylor SpiroPro 8mm wires
NGK Spark Plugs
Accel Brass Cap & Rotor
Red Wrinkle Mopar Magnum Valve Covers
Numerous polished and powdercoated items
Red powder coated Viper Brakes (off of a 99 ACR Viper)
Baer Eradipseed 13" Vented/Slotted rotors (rotor hats powder coated red)

Interior Mods

Autovation Billet Pedals
Billet Pro A/C Knobs
Billet "R/T" Door Sills
Custom embroidered "R/T" sun visors (also made by yours truly :wave: )

Suspension Mods

Hotchkis TVS suspension (2/3drop, lowered an additional 1" to 3/4 drop)
Hotchkis valved Bilstein shocks
Kenny Brown X-Brace

Dyno #s (as of 11/12/05)

261 RWHP & 312 RWTQ

Upcoming Mod(s)

Too numerous to list....but the tonneau cover should be here next week and then going to focus on the engine bay and interior some more this winter. :banana2:

· '10 Camaro RS/SS
1,941 Posts
BlackDak said:
Well, if I am gonna get beat again(!) I'd at least want it to be one of these trucks!

00RedRT, you have the sickest truck I have ever seen. The attention to detail, all the painted parts, the stance, hell even the bed, is gorgeous!
Thank you! That's very kind of you to say. But don't sell yourself short. That's a wicked black QC and very worthy to be TOM as well. In fact my good buddy has one sweet black QC so I'm use to standing next to another one. :biggthump

· '10 Camaro RS/SS
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Thank you all for the nice comments! My R/T has been a labor of love for the past three years and much like Charles, I too have modded it to suit my tastes. The best part is that it is very driveable as it has even made laps around Road Atlanta (110 mph on the back stretch :mullet: ) as well as the Auto-X course. It was my daily driver up until August, and it took me a little over a year to dial in the suspension to be a good 3/4 drop without rubbing anywhere. Looking forward to more modding in '06! :biggthump

· '10 Camaro RS/SS
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Gellys01R/T said:

After 20 minutes of looking over the pics I have put my vote in.

I just love the fact that I get to look at 2 sweet red trucks in the same thread!!

All of the trucks are awesome and I think Adam is trying to give us all heart attacks to start the new year... Thanks man... Geez.

I have a question for Darren though, where did you get all your powdercoating done? Also, is the coating on the rotors, chipping at all? Are you happy with it?

Ok, post over I need a beer after all the stress this voting has caused me... :mullet:
I get all my powder coating done locally at www.millerpowdercoating.com Great bunch of guys there and they have some of the best quality I've seen. As for the rotor hats, they are powder coated red but I have not seen chipping on them with the exception of some slight areas behind where the wheel mounts but thats it.

Thanks again for the kind words! :biggthump

· '10 Camaro RS/SS
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na360rt said:
ha, I think we could've all told you Darren was gonna win this thing before it was over. Myself, BlackDak, and ace were just here to give everyone a hardtime.

Darren, congrats man! How's my visors coming along? haha
Hehehe, not true....I had some great competition with VERY worthy trucks, IMHO.

Oh and I have your visors almost done. Just need to get to them to my seamstress to sew up. (On pre-'00 models they get stitched up).

Thanks again guys! Some great people on here and very upstanding guys to have shared nominations with! :biggthump
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