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I can't speak for the GenIII trucks, but it made a hell of a difference on my 92. If I had known how good of a mod it was way back when I would have bought one long ago. There are a couple mods you can do that will tweak your performance a little bit as well. IAT relocation and TPS calibration might help. Works for some, others don't see a difference. On the TB - check car-part.com for a junkyard TB with the same throttle linkages as yours. I think they have been the same since 97 or so, but I am not positive. If you have a dremel you can mod the TB to get some increased airflow. I did mine, noticed a difference as soon as I put it on. You don't really need a 2nd TB to do the mod, but I felt it was safer that way incase I ran into problems, which I did. Stripped two screws trying to extract them from the throttle shaft.
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