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Interview the person below you - Part II

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Here's the point of this thread...

1) Answer the previous question.
2) Ask a new question.

Here's question number 1: Cake or Pie?
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Cause drinks don't fill me like food does.

Why do I have too stay up 3 nights a week to be able to get my homework done?
Because five hour energy drinks are so good for you.

Does size really matter? Tire size, not cup size!
obviously. how could you have fun with small ones :jester:

would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?
duck sized horses. My ass has to step on them and Im good

Rock, Rap, Country, or hipster ass dubstep
Country it's the only way to get your whole life back when ya play the record backwords. LOL

Why buy the cow when ya can get the milk for free ?
because if the apocolyspe comes, I can kill the cow and eat it

What is this line from
Shit up you barrel of monkey nuts.
Smokey and the Bandit. Awesome flick for sure.

What does Dodge stand for?
I have no idea. hmmmmmm. good man on the smokey and the bandit :D

Enlighten on what dodge stands for
Dangerous On Days Gears Engage

Am I right?
I like that. Probably right. haha

Dakota, ram, or cummins if the choice could be made
Cummins, cause Real men drive diesel's !

hahah naw. Real men drives trucks and use them to get shit done!

Megan Fox, Scarlett Johanson, or Blake Lively?
Obviously Blake Lively...

It's a chilly 59* here today (SUCKAS!)...what's the temp like where you're at so I can laugh at you?
about 50-60 here today. Havent really checked, but I took some shizz to the dump and wore the hunting shit to do it.

Do your own work, or pay a robber to work on it?
Do my own, for sure unless it electrical ...

What's more fun...Mud or Rocks ?
Mud for sure. but then again I dont mind the rocks. THats a tough one

Boots, shoes, or sandals?
rocks. I like the challenge

spring or fall?
Man you both posted same time.. Two fer.. Boots cause I got purty feet that need protection, and fall better colors ..

If you answer your wife and no ones around to hear you are you still wrong?
The man is always wrong. You can either be right or you can be happy. So choose wisely

Bonfire or a movie on a cold night with your main squeeze?

night in the city or day in the sticks
41 - 60 of 236 Posts