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99 Dakota Sport 4x4 5.2 5 speed. My truck has been idling a little low, around 500 rpm according to the gauge, and it definitely sounds lower too. It will run fine, until I get going and come to my first stop...and the rpm just dips right down, often times until it stalls. This also happens if I am rolling, and put the clutch in or go to neutral, if I let the rpm go down enough it just shuts off. It is not consistent with engine temp or the speed I am going, sometimes it happens when I am completely stopped, but very rarely; it is almost always while I am still rolling even very slowly (or at highway speeds), and always when the clutch is in (or it is not in gear).

First thing I did was check for vacuum leaks. I have a new PCV valve and breather, all the vacuum lines look to be in good shape, and the air filter is new. I then got into looking at my battery, because I read that the PCM has a hard time if ever the battery goes to a low voltage. The gauge always reads about 14.5V. Did some research and found the battery that was installed by the previous owner "does not fit your 1999 Dakota" according to CDN Tire website. I wanted to replace the thing anyways. Did some alternator testing also, reads 14.4V with my fluke multimeter under regular load and 14.3V with all accessories turned on. Looked at my PCM and associated connectors and they look clean. Engine makes no noise to speak of and runs great, pulls some power, and even returns decent fuel mileage if you can believe it. I have fresh oil and filter as well.

I have also cleaned the TB, as well as replace the TPS and IAC. I had done this some time ago, about 3 months. Have put maybe 2000km on the truck since then, give or take. We are in a cold snap right now, -40's at night, not sure if that has anything to do with the poor idle and stalling. I have a block heater and I have been taking my batteries indoors when it is very cold. There are no codes or lights shown on the cluster, but I haven't used my OBD-2 reader on it yet, it wasn't working on my Ranger the other day...

Anyways I am at a loss, electrically and mechanically everything seems fine, so far as I can tell. Is there anything I am missing? Truck is stock except for a flowmaster muffler, which has also been on for a while. Thanks for any help.

EDIT: After I replaced the battery, I noticed that as the truck was approaching low idle/stall, the voltage gauge drops from 14.5 to 14V. It is an AGM battery. As stated the alternator tests good. If it doesn't stall, the rpm picks back up to 500 and the voltage goes back up with it. Not sure if this indicates a failed component.
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