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My cruise control has an intermittent problem.

I noticed that the SET button wouldn't work. Then when I touched either of the three RESUME CANCEL or COAST buttons, the cruise light would go out. At one point the ON/OFF button wouldn't do anything, then everything worked fine.

Then cruise control turned itself off. After more playing with buttons it came back working fine. Then it started dropping out again if any of the three buttons were pressed.

Now it's working fine...until next time!

Anyone else had this experience? What is likely to be going AWOL?

TIA Big Al

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Reply: Intermittent cruise control problem

I had the same thing happen to mine. If you have a Durango with rear heat control the cause is most likely under the hood. On the passengers side near the battery you will see an aux. water pump this is for the rear heat. This pump started to leak around it's middle (o'ring where it is put together). The coolant wicked through the 2 wire connector, through the wire harness in the firewall to the big 24 (or more) pin main electrical connector at the steering column. The coolant shorted out the cruise the 1st and 2nd time it happened. The 3rd time it happened the engine would keep running even after you took the key out of the switch. It took the dealership 3-4 days to find it the first time. I have had to replace that water pump 4 times so far, with 100,000 miles on it now.
Hope this helps

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Dealer found the problem?

As the vehicle is still under the 30 days warranty that came with the vehicle, we took it to the local Dodge dealer. They reckon the cruise switches are on the way out. They are being replaced tomorrow at a cost to the seller of $260! Hope that's what it really is as the seller has already had to turn the rotors and put on new pads and they won't be happy if I go back for a third fix!!
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