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Hi Everyone, 2007 Dakota Sport Regular Cab has some issues with the flashers. I'm a little clueless and whats happening doesn't 100% match up with any of the other threads I saw.

This issue started yesterday and it happens off and on when using my right turn signal (no issues with the left).

When the headlights are on: The indicator on the dash for the right turn signal stays lit, does not flash and I believe that the actual turn signal bulb lights up (cannot 100% verify this because it stopped doing it when I could stop and check). Does the same when I use the hazard lights. Left turn signal works fine.

When the headlights are off: I turn the right turn signal on. The indicator clicks and flashes as normal. All of the interior lights flash with the indicator (dash, radio etc). When I got outside of the car, the right side was flashing like normal, but the left side flashed dimly along with the right side. When I use the hazard lights, it does the same. Left turn signal works like normal.

Disclaimer: I am in no way good with car electrical, so if it's a wiring issue I'm screwed and have to take it somewhere to get checked out. If its something simple, any 'idiots guide to...' will help.
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