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On the viper seats I used one inch square tubing and redrilled holes to line up,
honestly I have about five hours one each seat trying to hammer off the factory rivets that hold the seat tracks on. The B&M hammer is the chrysler model and was easy to install. There were some viper seats on ebay that sold for 680.00 last week like mine. I paid $1300.00 shipped to my door. I talked to a guy that installed seats like mine and left the stock seat tracks on and redrilled holes in his truck. Thats fine, but mine wont come loose if I hit someone. Send you pics when the 408 is installed!!! :drive:
Hey Man what is the part# on that shifter? Been wanting to put one in the R/T for a while now. Love that interior, looks badass :biggthump
Here is a Pic of my interior.
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