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Installed Skar sub in Quad Cab

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So it's not a secret that getting great bass and keeping your back seats is nigh impossible. Well here is my solution. I had to cut the center console, but I was able to keep its basic function and still get slamming bass. It is also wife approved. I just had to make sure it was far enough forward not to interfere with the rear cup holders. It is a Skar SK8TBV
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Not a bad idea at all if you want to conserve space.
No doubt our Dakotas aren't exactly thumper approved as far as space and availability of products to enhance our sound systems.
We're pushing around a total of 7500 watts and never used the (back seats) for what ever that's worth anyway so we had no problem building a box to take up that space.
And the wife never liked driving the ole Dakota anyway so win win for us.
I loved the feeling of my hair dancing on my head and the free enjoyable message. ( well when I had hair anyway) LOL
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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