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Inked & Pierced Thread

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This site used to have a formal tattoo/piercing thread, I guess it fell by the wayside at some point and reached the age where an old post purge knocked it offline. I'm gonna start a new one and sticky it...

This tattoo has my kids' initials, the red/blue/red shading indicates girl/boy/girl. It's not too big, just wanted something basic for the kids. My oldest daughter's nickname was "sunshine", hence the use of a sun.


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I have 22 tats so far. Pictures to come soon. I have also had 13 piercings at one time but took them all out. I have had my tongue, both nipples, 2 in the left ear, 1 in the right, 1 Frenum, and a Jacob's Ladder (7 rings).....
1 - 1 of 425 Posts