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Me and my neighbor finally got Paxton supercharger installed. Went out to test it and blew my head gasket. Engine is stock with 115k & true duels. I already have m1 2bl, 52 mm f&b, 1.7 rockers, and mopar valve covers. Not installed. I have 7k for rebuild. What would be the best bang for the buck? Or should i wait until i have some more money? I really want 500 rwhp. We almost have engine out, just need to unbolt transmission. ANY INFO IS MUCH APPRECIATED. I live in the metro Atlanta area in Jonesboro, so i could have it tuned at injected engeering in Marietta ga. Looking at heads and cam from www.performanceinjectionequipment.com . And engine kit from campbellenterprises.com/eagle-specialty-products/eagle-stroker-kits/mopar-340-360-magnum-stroker-kit.htm. THANKS! Transmission is stock.
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