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Inexpensive mods for your Dodge Truck

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This thread has been created for people to give suggestions for how to improve the performance or cosmetic appearance of their Dodge Truck for under $50 and a bit of elbow grease.

This thread is dedicated for inexpensive tips - for those of you with "freebie" hints, use this thread instead:
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Katalyst said:
Funny thing is it actually looks better from far away.
I wanted to go with the style the new F150's have but the cheapest I could find was $90. So I was just walking through wal-mart one day and came across the mats. Deffinately unique......lol!!!
definitely going to think about doing that. how thick is the mat?
sure id love to see more.
thanks man :biggthump
1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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