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Inexpensive mods for your Dodge Truck

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This thread has been created for people to give suggestions for how to improve the performance or cosmetic appearance of their Dodge Truck for under $50 and a bit of elbow grease.

This thread is dedicated for inexpensive tips - for those of you with "freebie" hints, use this thread instead:
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so i know this is an old thread but i have a few cheap mods i picked up from some jeep friends of mine, first off you can mod your stock kegger and tb as well as relocate your IAT up stream in your intake, thats all old news now some i havent seen on here, you can add a air hat spacer clams it adds like 5hp not sure how big of one we can fit with no hood interference, another is to take out the ac and either get a smaller belt or a bypass pully, another is to insulate the fuel rails using foil backed foam tape (found in the pluming department) then use ss tape also called steam tape (found in the duct department) and cover the whole setup, finally when you decide you want headers the gaskets need the holes to be opened up more so that they don't restrict flow, just use the header flange as a guide and go to town with grinder bit. note all mods are for the 318 and 360 motor i dont know if they will work on the newer 4.7
im not talking about a tb spacer ik they are worthless this goes between the tb and the air hat something about more volume, i haven't done it only because i have a old school open element, but my jeep friend runs it and says it helps and he has had 7 zj's 3 of witch he has run in the 12's so i think the he knows what hes talking about. and as for the fuel rails this will help, the higher the temp of gas the more it expands, so the colder the gas is the denser it will be may not help godly amounts but it is a cheap mod, and if u really want to help it add in injectors from the 95 zj, they had the largest injectors from the factory, not sure if the daks are the same way or not as far as what year had the largest
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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