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I have a big problem with my Dodge Durango.
I bought the car 10 years ago through an auction and then imported it to Sweden.
the car has been water damaged and I have had to replace the PCM because the one that was in was of the wrong kind, someone ignorant had replaced all the modules from a car that was not of the same year at all. But now I have managed to get the car together.
Unfortunately, I only had one key and I happened to lose it. The car does not start because it has an immobilizer.
I do not know what to do to get a new key programmed for my car, here in Sweden this is very difficult, I also live very far from a dealer.

I have tried to get the code for the key and have managed to make a key, but it is without a transponder.

I have not been able to identify the immobilizer that is in, I do not know if it is the immobilizer that was in before the water damage or if it comes from the donor car.
at least it worked properly before I lost the car key.

I have checked from which car the modules come from and they come from a Dodge durango 2007, I have a dodge durango 2008. That year the dodge changed to another 4.7 L engine and this meant that they also updated the modules around the car. I have had to buy a new PCM and have it programmed with VIN coming from the other car that was the donor because all other modules had that number, including the immobilizer.

What solutions do i have to fix that?
Im ready to send PCM, immobilizer and BCM if i have to?

if I have to get the programming code, do I need to know if the immobilizer comes from my car or from the other car? or?
where is the secret code stored?
New PCM?
Old PCM?
The immobilizer?

If it does not work with any solution, I need to get a new one

Key Cylinder

Where can I get these things from one and the same car?

Are there any scraps that you know of? any website? or person you know who can help me get the car running again

It's a Dodge Durango 4.7 4x4 SLT 2008.
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