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Hey guys,

My 01 4.7 sometimes has an eratic idle from say 700-1300. It seems to cycle up-down, up-down for about 45 seconds before it will settle down to normal.. It also revs pretty high when I first start it. I know its cold, but 1700+ or so is too fast for a cold motor to jump to as soon as it starts.. Does this sound like the idle air motor?... Its throwing code, a bad 02 sensor. I just replaced bank 1 sensor #2 and now it is throwing Bank 2 #2.... I dont think this is causing the motor to race.... Any ideas?


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I have heard with those year of trucks it has a high start up idle. I odnt think dodge has a fix for it and just says its normal. I know my moms honda idles at almost 2000 when cold. I know different motors and such. just want to give you an idea of other vehicles has high idles when cold.

my 03 4.7 has no cold idle. just stays about 600 cold or hot. I think this was their fix for the high idle. an idle of 1700 cold isnt going to harm your motor.
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