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I have all the R/T Production Numbers!

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yes boys and girls, I have all the Dakota R/T production numbers. We can finally see how rare these trucks will be in 20 years. I've never seen all the numbers myself, so for those of us who own R/Ts and actually care about these. here you go. Now before you guys go and spooge all over the countertop because we've finally got numbers -- these do not include the color breakdowns. Just the total numbers. I did happen to get to talk with William, Senior Staff Rep. He says that the system only shows production numbers for '01-'03.... '98 - '00 show color breakdowns, but not the other years. He did not have a reason for this, but oh well, production numbers are better than no numbers.

Moderators: you might wanna "sticky" this somewhere, because I know this question comes up a lot.

Without further delay here we go.

-----------Regular Cab------------Club Cab-------------

Only 16,496 Dakota R/Ts were ever made. For those of you who have no idea what that means -- that is a VERY SMALL amount for a 6 year production cycle. Although their resale value is terrible. And they'll probably never amount to any kind of collector item, I can guarantee you these things will be next to non-existent in the year 2030. I'm gonna have to find me a nice conditioned bone stock R/T one day and keep that bitch around for collector purposes.

* In 2000, Solar Yellow R/Ts seemed to have slipped through Daimler-Chrysler's database because they were only produced for very short while. Just recently I have obtained the Solar Yellow Club Cab numbers for the year 2000 (95 produced). It is believed that only 30 - 40 Solar Yellow Regular Cab R/Ts were produced in 2000. But These numbers have not been verified. So until I can get a solid number, we'll forever have to live with the asterick for regular cab numbers in the year 2000.
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Those are much smaller numbers than I expected to see. Think about the Chevy 454SS truck that lasted from 1990 - 1993. In only 4 years of production they made a total of 16,953 of those and 15 years later think how many of those you see on the road.
Weird the numbers don't add up to this listing for the 2000 year....


Do you have a color breakdown for the 98-00 years?

I did in fact get your panel inserts today! :biggthump
1 of 800 FR CC R/T made in 2000. I always like to say if they were actually numbered, mine would be #666 of 800.

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