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I have all the R/T Production Numbers!

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yes boys and girls, I have all the Dakota R/T production numbers. We can finally see how rare these trucks will be in 20 years. I've never seen all the numbers myself, so for those of us who own R/Ts and actually care about these. here you go. Now before you guys go and spooge all over the countertop because we've finally got numbers -- these do not include the color breakdowns. Just the total numbers. I did happen to get to talk with William, Senior Staff Rep. He says that the system only shows production numbers for '01-'03.... '98 - '00 show color breakdowns, but not the other years. He did not have a reason for this, but oh well, production numbers are better than no numbers.

Moderators: you might wanna "sticky" this somewhere, because I know this question comes up a lot.

Without further delay here we go.

-----------Regular Cab------------Club Cab-------------

Only 16,496 Dakota R/Ts were ever made. For those of you who have no idea what that means -- that is a VERY SMALL amount for a 6 year production cycle. Although their resale value is terrible. And they'll probably never amount to any kind of collector item, I can guarantee you these things will be next to non-existent in the year 2030. I'm gonna have to find me a nice conditioned bone stock R/T one day and keep that bitch around for collector purposes.

* In 2000, Solar Yellow R/Ts seemed to have slipped through Daimler-Chrysler's database because they were only produced for very short while. Just recently I have obtained the Solar Yellow Club Cab numbers for the year 2000 (95 produced). It is believed that only 30 - 40 Solar Yellow Regular Cab R/Ts were produced in 2000. But These numbers have not been verified. So until I can get a solid number, we'll forever have to live with the asterick for regular cab numbers in the year 2000.
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Woo hoo 1 of 251 1998 RC R/T's and 1 of 32 1998 IB RC R/T's :mullet:
One time I contacted Dodge in reference to the R/T numbers and they said they could find out any production numbers for a specific vehicle if they had a vin number. So get a vin number off a 2000 solar yellow RC RT or what ever else you want and send it to them.
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