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I bought my hemi

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Alright, I made the plunge. Today I finalized the deal on a 2006 assembly line Hemi with 0 miles, comes complete with everything but accessories and cats. That means wiring harness, plugs, plug wires, coils, all covers, AC/ALT bracket, intake, TB, (not using it, using MP cable)

It should be delivered by next Friday, I'll get some pics then. I'm so excited lol.

Sadly, the project won't start right away. I have the wife disease so I need to.. earn.. stuff... but it should go something like this: 4.7/5.7 harness splice, Mopar cable TB, Cam, 6.1l rods/springs/chain, headers, SCT

anyways, stay tuned guys.
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I'm hoping I won't have much to do to my oil pan since I'm 2wd. I might just modify my cross member cause it seems easier (at this point).

Which engine paint are you gonig to use?
you should check around you may not need to do anything since yours in newer than most of the hemi's gettin dropped in
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