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Can anyone verify if the 5 lug hub and bearing from the 89-90 4x4 Dakota will bolt to the 1994 4x4 steering knuckle. Also, does anyone know if the 1990 front CV shafts will bolt to the 1994 front diff? I want to swap out my 6 lug hubs for the 5 lug pattern, but, I noticed the 5 lug hub the plate that bolts to the knuckle is round, whereas the 6 lug hub, that plate is square. I know I will have to also swap front axles, since the hub splines are a different count. Rotors for the two are .4mm in difference in diameter, and the same thickness, so those I know I can swap my 6 lug for the 5 lug, I'm just not sure about the rest.
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