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super programm for GM LS1 users will soon be available for us.
This is from the hptuner website, I did a search for "dodge" and found this..

"Guys, have a little patience please. You make it sound like we have been sitting around and doing nothing but jerking you guys around.

When the initial conception of 2.0 was on the design board, it would have only taken 3 months to release it. During that time we decided to undergo a complete hardware/software/website re-design based on the features you people requested.

Back then we had several things to accomplish (new software, LS2 support and new hardware). All of these things have to play together and it takes a lot of design time to do so.

Then came the talks with MSD/Superchips. We now had to start adding support for Ford/Dodge. That needed a huge re-write of the 2.0 software and a hardware re-design. This takes a LOT of time. As the 2.0 upgrade for the serial based hardware users is nothing more than some GUI and compare enhancements (nothing that you can't already tune with 1.7) we could not afford the time for software bug changes.

While we get a good chuckle at some of the posts on here, telling us that we need to "learn from this" is a major insult. You guys take your pick. Either you want to know about upcoming products or you don't. If telling you about what's coming next is going to wind up with this kind of response, then we are more than willing to keep our mouths shut.

I don't want to lock this thread, but I will start deleting those kind of negative posts that serve no other purpose than to just complain.
This is the final warning.

No go tune your vehicle and have some fun at the track

Ken "
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