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Ugliest Truck on here!!!
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ok first off your in a 6000lbs station wagon designed to haul kids to and from school and soccer practice you're going to get stomped by almost everything made today.

You have the right idea about the direction to take your mods. came heads intake are the best you can do with out pulling the whole motor or slapping on a Super Charger.

The M1 is pretty much our only option for intakes. the 4bbl flows a bit more than the 2bbl but if your not looking for a 400+ monster motor the 2bbl will be plenty with a 52mm TB or if you want a little more punch a 52x55mm TB.

heads are a matter of what do you want to do verse what do you want to spend. aluminum vs iron. However what ever way you decide I recommend the 2.02 intakes and the 1.60 exhaust seems to be the best performance option for our heads for the money and it will let you expand the power later if you want.

cam anything with more than a .500 lift is going to get that hopped up v8 lope to it. you can either do this with a cam and stock 1.6 lifters or step up to 1.7's and a smaller (possibly cheaper) cam such as a traditional "RV" cam which if my math is correct should put it around .510 or .515 lift.

How fast do you want to spend?
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