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1999 Dodge Durango 5.9 4x4
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I really wanted 35”s. The closest I could get was 295/70R17 (basically metric version of 34”s from what I am told) based on the advice of my local mechanics, SoCal Suspension & Off Road Warehouse. Well, they rub something viscious. ORW did 4 runs of cutting (I kept coming back saying “cut more please”) Doesn’t rub anymore, except when I turn the wheeel all the way and when the suspension compresses all the way. Not bad problems except, I want to make sure the wheels are clear enough for rough off roading, the whole purpose to all of this.

I already added the torsion key leveling kit for the front. For the rear, I got the add a leaf, helper spring, & large towing bump stop. And lots of cutting already done. We’ve cut to the frame; so, not sure if we can cut more. But, I’m nervous to pop a tire on the exposed frame.

Do I tub the wheel wells?
Do I get wheel spacers?

I would like to avoid wheel spacers for the rear because I tow some heavy weight. So, if I go wheel spacers, is it bad to only put them in the front, for wheel articulation purposes, and leave the rear stock, for towing purposes?
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