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American Rebel.
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1997-2003 Dodge Dakota, and model and bed length, This one is done on a Quad Cab

Tools You will Need:
Socket size 15mm for bed
Socket size mm for bumper bolts.
Torx head bit and screw driver for said bit
*torx bit is the same for filler neck and taillights.

Reason being:
Body work, R&R Bed, Need to access fuel pump or fuel tank, or just feel like it

  1. Locate the bolts holding the bed to the frame, there will be 8 of them. 4 near the front of the cab, 2 right near the tire, and 2 right behind the bumper. (pictures denote spots)
  2. Remove bumper, to do this you will need to:
    • Remove the 3 nuts on each side, and remove the bolts all the way through
    • Remove the license plate bulbs, and let them dangle
    • Remove any other wires you have, and pull the bumper off
  3. Put your socket and extension combination in to achieve and get onto the bolt head
  4. Take all 8 bolts out of the frame and bed, and place somewhere safe for use. I used a plastic bad and labeled as I had more work to be done.
  5. You will need to take out the taillights, and fish the wiring harness down until no wires are bound up on the bed frame or inside the bed. (pictures have circles where the connectors are held to frame for step 6)
  6. You will have to pull the connectors from the frame, they are held in by a little push tab
  7. Open the fuel door, and take out the bolts holding in the filler neck to the bed.
  8. Twist the neck counter clockwise to release it from the bed
  9. *had a problem with the filler neck not wanting to come out on its own, so we had to unhook the clamps and take the fuel hoses off to get the bed off.
  10. Take out the filler neck
  11. Now you are ready to take the bed off.
  12. Get 4 guys, lift up the bed and take off. Careful to make sure nothing else is snagging on the bed
  13. *This is where it gets tricky, the fuel hoses might need to be fished out, and wires might be caught on the bed. We had a few times of taking the bed off and having to remove wires or hoses.
  14. Voila! The bed is now off.
  15. To replace the bed, follow the steps in the reverse direction, making sure that every wire and bolt is in the correct place and orientation as it came off the bed.

This picture corresponds with 3a.

This is the location of the further most bed mounting bolts. picture is upside down, but you will see these bolts by crawling under the bed near the cab on either side.

There will be a bolt on either side of this crossmember, you have to let the spare tire down to see these.

And the same picture, but when bumper is off, you will be able to see the last two bolts.

These pictures refer to 7.

This picture refers to 9. Only if the filler neck wont disengage from the bed side.

you can also see here how the neck is supposed to twist off.

American Rebel.
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Here are two pictures, they denote where bolts are for bumper and bed bolts

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I did not remove my tail lights or bumper. Just hit all 8 bolts with my impact (broke one, rust belt truck), unplugged the two harness connectors for the tail lights, and pulled the gas cap and 4 screws around it. Grabbed a friend, popped it off and threw it in the backyard. Anyone need a bed with a tailgate?
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