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How To: Durango Dakota Fuel Injector Install

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Here is a quick how-to for fuel injector replacement for the Durango.
I have gotten a lot of useful info from the forums,figured I would supply
some info if anyone is looking.

Note:This is to be used for information purposes only,I am not liable
for anything gone wrong due to information I show here.

I recently purchased some new injectors for my truck,newer style,'better
performing,upgraded' as they claim.
These will work with the stock computer and do not require tuning to use,
they are plug and play.

Here is some pics from install:

Tools Needed:
Needle-nose Pliers
5/16 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
1/2 Socket
13mm Socket(or whatever size your battery cable is)
8mm Socket
Assorted Screwdrivers
Shop Rags

Try to do this on a cold motor,ideally let it sit overnight.
Remove fuel cap to help relieve pressure:

Disconnect Negative battery terminal:

Remove the air intake hat and tubing,set aside,or remove:

Disconnect vacuum line and sensors on throttle body(tps,iac,& map) on
driver's side:

Passenger Side,there is the throttle cable and cruise control cables
along w/ the bracket holding it all together:

Remove the throttle cable(far left) and the rear cable from the bracket.
They pop out fairly easy,just be easy with them so you don't break
the plastic:

Remove the three 8mm bolts holding the bracket to the throttle body.Remove
the four 1/2 bolts for the throttle body itself and remove TB and
bracket(set aside):

Disconnect harness from fuel injectors,both sides,and tuck all wiring out
of the way:

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Remove the fuel supply line clip,insert fuel disconnect tool,push in on
tool while you pull out on the line and slowly pull it off the fuel rail:

Now you will have some fuel seeping out,just put a few rags under it,and let
it sit for a few minutes to help dry up.

Remove all four 1/2 bolts holding the fuel rail to the manifold(all on top):

Pop the fuel rail/injectors out from manifold.I used a flat-head screwdriver,
positioned it in between rail where it bolts to manifold and popped it out.
Wiggle the rail and injectors out from truck,just watch the front drivers
side,there is the a/c bracket and coolant hose in the way.
Now you are left with this:

Try to leave the inlet line facing up so you don't get fuel everywhere,i
jammed a rag in it to help with spillage.

Get your needlenose or tool,and pop out each of eight clips holding injectors
to fuel rail:

Pop out each injector,now the fuel will start spilling out of the rail:

Now we have the nice new flamethrower injectors:

With supplied adapter harness:
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Difference in stock fuel injector spray tip:

And the new fuel injector spray tip:

Take the rubber caps off of the injectors,they also pre-lube the new o-rings
on the injectors.
Pop each injector into the fuel rail,I usually push in slightly then twist
them back and forth till they slide all the way in:

Pop all the retaining clips back onto new injectors:

Slide rail and injectors onto manifold,push down on it to pop all the
injectors into place:

Connect all eight injector conversion clips,straightforward,only go one way:

Plug the fuel line back into the fuel rail,make sure it clicks together:

Bolt the throttle body,air intake,and negative batter terminal back together.
Plug harness back into all three sensors on TB,and vacuum line.

Re-check all connections,turn key to ignition to prime the fuel and fill
the lines,turn off and check for leaks.
Start truck and take it easy for about 20 miles or so till the computer
re-learns itself.

Overall impression,I am very happy with these injectors,the truck idles a lot
smoother,accelerates better and just overall feels healthier.
I would definitely recommend these,my truck has high mileage,the pour in
fuel injector cleaner never did anything but make my wallet lighter.
I got them online from injectordyne on ebay.
Hopefully this helps if someone needs some pointers.
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If you are going to remove the TB from the intake manifold then you don't have to take the bracket off the TB.
I swapped throttle bodies when I did this,so didn't think to omit that part.
Also, on '00+ trucks you don't need the adapter harnesses.
what was the cost of those injectors? might be interested in getting some if the price is right...
I think they are like 200 bucks, last time i was looking at injectors i'm pretty sure thats what these ones ran anyway.
Yea they are around that,I got them from the seller injectordyne on ebay
I found a set of 4.6 ford injectors 4 holes and off yellow in color. I have put 50 k on them
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