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How To: Bypass Stock Amp

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A couple of people have contacted me about how to do this. The harnesses used are Metra 70-8901. They are for 1990-2006 Subaru vehicles and you will need 2 of them. They can be found on eBay or Amazon for around $10/each. They will look like this:

First, take your connectors and label one A and the other one B. This will help ease wiring. The connectors should have the pin numbers labelled on the connector. The chart below will help you connect them together. If you want to keep the number of wires down remove all the unnecessary wires. Note This will work for 1999 models. Don't know about other years.

Connector A-----------------------------Connector B
Pin 1---Remove
Pin 2---Remove
Pin 3---Remove
Pin 4---Violet---------------------------Pin 8---Gray w/BLK
Pin 5---Green---------------------------Pin 12---Violet w/BLK
Pin 6---Yellow--------------------------Pin 10---Red
Pin 7---Remove
Pin 8---Remove
Pin 9---Remove
Pin 10---Red-----------------------------Pin 3---White
Pin 11---Black----------------------------Pin 9---White w/BLK
Pin 12---Violet w/BLK---------------------Pin 2---Gray
Pin 13---Green w/BLK---------------------Pin 4---Violet
Pin 14---Blue-----------------------------Pin 11---Black

That should leave you with something looking like this:

Before you can put the connector you will need to shave a little bit off the middle dividers in the middle of the plugs. They should look like the picture below.

The stock amp is located in the passenger kick panel. It should just be clipped on. Remove that panel. You will see the amp tucked up there. Remove the 2 connectors going into it.

Now plug connection A into the larger connector and plug connection B into the smaller connector. Now put the kick panel on. Now you should have effectively bypassed the stock amp.

A special thanks to Boomin5POINT9 for helping me out with this.
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I have a 98 r/t that I want to remove the amp and head unit to put into my 99 sport so I can put my deck and amp into the r/t. Do I still need to do this?
why would this be needed? I plan on putting a new deck in with new front and rear speakers wired to a aftermarket amp...do i need to do this? What is the purpose of doing this?
You only need to do this if you want to replace the stock HU AND speakers with aftermarket and use the built in amp instead of the stock infinity and retain factory speaker wiring. If you rewire the speakers directly to the HU then this isn't needed or if you have an aftermarket amp, then this is completely irrelevant.

If you have the infinity system and don't plan on replacing the speakers, but only the HU then you would want to continue to use the stock infinity amp because of the impedance difference of the stock speakers. Hence you wouldn't need to perform this bypass procedure.

Good write up though!
If yall want we can make these for you $25 + shipping. We have a crap ton of thoes plugs and when we do it we changed all the wires to green, white, grey, purple, Red, Black so when you go to wire up a 4 channel amp you dont have to pin try to find out what is what. You can just shoot me a msg on here if you would like one.

PS this works on the 2001 durango as well.
I used this on my 1998 Dakota and it worked perfectly, thanks for the write up :D
would i need to do this on my 97 if i have the regular radio (non infinity, it has built in CD,and tape deck and sliding nobs for bass,mid, treble) and replacing with an aftermarket radio? that way i can take advantage of the built in amp on my new aftermarket radio?
if you do not have the infinity system then you do not have an amp to bypass, so no this does not apply to you.
10-4 thanks for the reply.
I didn't bypass the amp in mine and have not had any issues with it, worked fine untill somebody stole the head unit:rant:
I never bypassed the stock amp on my '99 when I upgraded the speakers and head unit and it sounded just fine. It's not like i was looking for competition quality sound.
My Rango has the infinity system in it as well. I replaced all 4 door speakers and the head unit without bypassing the factory amp and had no issues.
you don't have to bypass it, but then you are limited to 2ohm speakers and whatever quality the stock amp is. if you want to use 4ohm speakers and aftermarket HU power then you need to bypass it.
you don't have to bypass it, but then you are limited to 2ohm speakers and whatever quality the stock amp is. if you want to use 4ohm speakers and aftermarket HU power then you need to bypass it.
I was using 4ohm speakers on my '99 going through the stock amp.:huh:
I was using 4ohm speakers on my '99 going through the stock amp.:huh:
but they prolly werent being used to their full potential.
I might do this just to use my head unit power.

I have noticed that when the volume is cranked, I can hear the door speakers dull down a bit at the heavy spots in the songs. Has to be the amp that can't keep up.
Just order this as I ordered a new headunit and I will be ordering alpine type R 4 ohm speakers, hopefully this will work because my HU wil have way more power than the stock amp. Also picked up 2ohm Kicker CVR 2 12s and kicker 750watt mono amp. Cant wait to install everything.
let us know how it goes
let us know how it goes
No prob, stuff will get here weds, goes in friday.
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