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How much does that thing weigh?

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This thread has been started for people to list the weight of various parts in their Dodge Trucks, both for performance purposes (less weight = go faster!), and for shipping quotes.

When quoting numbers, please specify details about the part (ie: if it's a wheel + tire, what size/type of wheel, what size/type of tire?), and whether you weighed it yourself or are quoting a figure you saw somewhere else.
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Ahh, my favorite thread :bow: Enjoy - All weighed myself unless noted.

ACM Airbag Control Moduele and brackets 1
Spare R/T Wheel with stock size tire 63
Spare tire braket 4
All Bump Stops 2
Spare tire accesorries/tools 7
24 Closed End Lug Nuts 2
24 Open End Lug Nuts 1.5
2wd Front sway bar endlinks with bushings 1
5.9 Valve Covers with baffles 9
Stock Radio 4
Dash Bezel Face 1.5
Steering wheel 3
Steering wheel airbag 3
Grant steel steering wheels 3
Rear leaf spacers and clamps 2.5
Front bumper side brackets 3
Manifold to header swap 8 or more
Horn 1
Heat Sheilds 8
Clutch Fan 6
Hood Sheild 2
Hood Light .25
Cruise control .5
Evap System 4
Middle rear lap Belt .5
Rear Bumber 35
Roll Pan 5
Air Conditioning complete system 22
Radiator Swap 1
Lower Radiator shroud 1
Front cross brace behind radiator .5
Cap 100-120 estamate A.R.E. no real number yet!
Bed Rug 5
Lake Wood Traction Bars 5
Pair of 1" Wheel Spacers 5.5
Pair of 2" Wheel Spacers 9
Stock 5.9 Intake Manifold 28
Tail Light Covers .5
275/40/17 tires and close to it are 29 unmeasured for certanty
R/T wheel 35 unmeasured for certanty
Stock dakota wheel 25 unmeasured for certanty

Oh yes weight is enemy :mullet: I hope these numbers help, I want to get more done.
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