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How much does that thing weigh?

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This thread has been started for people to list the weight of various parts in their Dodge Trucks, both for performance purposes (less weight = go faster!), and for shipping quotes.

When quoting numbers, please specify details about the part (ie: if it's a wheel + tire, what size/type of wheel, what size/type of tire?), and whether you weighed it yourself or are quoting a figure you saw somewhere else.
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2.02 R/T head - 57lbs (each)
2.02 Edelbrock head - 28lbs (each)
Bogart 15x4 front w/ Moroso DS-1 tire - 22lbs (each)
Bogart 15x10 rear w/ 28x13.50 Hoosiers - 36lbs (each)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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