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Hello all from a recently converted Mopar freak, I need some general specs on extended cab, short bed & club cab short bed Dakotas. All i need is for someone to measure their truck from bumper to bumper. I know this sounds stupid, but I can't find the measurements anywhere. I have limited depth in my storage facility, and need to see if I can fit a 01-03 four door, short bed. My wife drives an 01 Durango which is 16'4" How long are the others?
Thanks for answering such a dumb one.

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extended cab = club cab

i have a '98....it's 6 feet wide and 18 feet long.

No, that's not "exact"...it's a "wee" bit bigger....

You'll need an 8 x 20 storage unit at BARE minimum.(THIS I KNOW!!)

10 x 20 is much easier to get in and out of the doors!!!

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Thanks, are the club cabs any shorter b/c the bed is shorter? Went to the stealership for the booklet on the 05's and all are exactly the same 218 inches. This sounds about right. 18' and a few. That would be tight. Any other input is appreciated. Would a rollpan save a few inches?
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