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Houston Area Daks

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Just wanted to see who all is around the Houston area.
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Way S.W. side of town. Out past Sugarland. I work all over the world though.
Have yall been seeing my sticker and that is why yall came here?
Ok. Such a bunch of new people from Houston. I was curious.
I work in NW Houston and live down southwest. Out 59. The southworst freeway. LOL. I saw someone yesterday in a red and silver it looked quad cab. It was lowered with custom wheels and a bed cover. It was very clean. Is that any one here?
OH. My fault. It was out in Richmond/Rosenberg area near 59 and CR 752.
You can see mine above. Now in this post also. Probably be coming at or going away from each other. I go beltway to 59. You have 16's? Man that isn't fair.
Well mine was a nice ride. Now it is a nonworking piece of shit. Fuckin transmission blew on me yesterday. So now I have no ride at all. I can't drive my Tbird. It isn't made for long distance trips.
We could meet up at the place that has it and put R/T decals all over it. Then it will LOOK like it is going somewhere when it isn't.
1 - 8 of 59 Posts
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