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Ok I'm really exicted I just got a entire hotchkis kit and I'm about to get it installed in next few weeks I got set 275 35 R20 Michelin Pilot Sports A/S with silver R/T wheels for around town which are gonna have total vertical height when mounted of under 28'(which I been told as long as stay under this mark my tires won't rub) their about 26.7. Now I'm a novice I got set BF Scorchers T/A's in Blue for track with measurements of 255 55 R17 for the Track.(Total vertical height 28.1) I've heard that my tires might rub on the front fender flares on big bumps at highway speed most likely on the highway I assume for most part I'll probly be putting my track tires on before I go to the Strip(I live kinda far away from the closest 1). So I'am terrified as to what this will feel or sound like. It would be a pain in the but, to send my track tires back for 50' sidewall which will not rub I've heard since it took them 2 months off back order to come in so I just wanna be prepared as what this feel like or sound like if I'm on my way to the dragstrip in my drag tires & fail to miss a big bump Clue me guys I'm terrified????(and currently stuck with tires that are few milimeters too tall in the sidewall area)
I have 2000 IB CC R/T
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