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I have a 97 Dakota 5.2 4x4, motor has Keith black pistons.030 over flat top 2 valve relief's, Crower cam, int 262/264, exh 512 lobe separation 112, dur at .50 is int 205, exh 210 part #249-20-602-9
Stock heads with double valve springs and 7 degree locks. Factory intake manifold, the problem is the Holley throttle pt# 112-557 is sticking only when running, will not stick when engine off, no vacuum leaks, intake vacuum is 15.5 inches, no throttle or tans cable hooked up to it, so that's not it. It doesn't stick with factory throttle body, I contacted Holley about it and they have no answers for me, neither does the speed shop near me. I think the Holley throttle body air inlet for idle air control motor is too small compared to factory throttle body. I even added a extra throttle spring, but still have same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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