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I have a 03 Dakota that I've had for 6 months.Last night while driving home from work it developed this real schrill noise.Sounded like it came from right front of truck.I noticed it happened at around 60mph.If I took my foot off of gas it would stop.Then I could drive for a mile or so and it would be quiet.It did this off and on the whole way home.Turned off radio and heater controls, had no effect.Outside temp. was around 4 above.If anyone has any ideas what could be causing this I'd like to here your opinions.Thanks

I have the same prob......Passengers say it sounds like it is coming from the drivers front though. Next time I hear it I am going to turn the OD off and see if engine RPM makes a diff or if is road and/or wind speed.May get dealer to look at it when I get it's next O/L/F.
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