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High flow cat worth it?

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I have no secondary cat (one under the cab of my truck) i got a flowmater 40 series and its dumped right after. right now w/o the cat is super loud but sounds mean, would a high flow cat be worth putting on performance wise? and would it quiet it down a bit?
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being high flow it will still help with the performance and it will quiet it down a bit.

in mine i did have 2 gen 2 viper cats and no mufflers. it was pretty darn quiet till you got on it.
Did you notice an increase when you added the viper cats?? Where did you get them from? And why did you go with the viper Hiflows?
Did you notice that post was from 2009?
Did you notice that “you’re not that guy” that I was asking??
In fact I did.

The guy you were asking is banned from the forum, according to the word "banned" under his moniker. So the likelihood that you are going to get a response from a 12 year old post by a banned member is zero. But perhaps someone else with similar experience will see your question and chime in.
Yes. Perhaps someone with similar experience will see my question and chime in, instead of trolling my comment. Great perspective you have there.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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