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High flow cat worth it?

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I have no secondary cat (one under the cab of my truck) i got a flowmater 40 series and its dumped right after. right now w/o the cat is super loud but sounds mean, would a high flow cat be worth putting on performance wise? and would it quiet it down a bit?
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my buddys v6 stang had a offroad x pipe, and flowmaster cat back and it was INSANE loud
2 high flow cats and now it just sounds MEAN!!
they quiet it down from not having a cat is what we are stating
most people just remove them and then go to adding them back.
yea like I said
if U add a high flow where the secondary was, it will quiet it down
if u replace the OTHER cat with a high flow cat, it will get louder

Volume gauge quieter<louder
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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