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A lot of Hemi swaps going lately, which is a really good thing.
A lot of pictures to follow along which is also a good thing.

There is 1 thing lacking the ELECTRONICS part.

I know there isn't much that can be shown with pictures and talking/writing about isn't that exciting either. I'm an electronics guy by profession and training coordinator to boot. I know how dry the stuff is.

BUT I would like to see some plain and simple feed back from some of those that have done the swaps and what they have found out.

What year Daks would be the easiest and which would be the hardest?

I did notice Mention of 2 different CAN types used (2-wire and 1-wire). What year Dak and What year Hemi vehicles use those?

What wiring harnesses to use.

Reason I throw this out there is because I have no daily driver right now and looking to buy when I return home. With a swap in mind from the beginning, what year Dak would be the easiest?

And for those that have a Dak already what exactly are they up against electronically.

I just spent the last week studying some info on the Chrysler Crossfire.

A guy in Dallas just finished putting a Mercedes V8 in his. Which a lot of so-called MB experts said couldn't be done.

Not only was it possible! He did it with all MB parts, it looks Factory, runs on factory software, no electronic conflicts, and he didn't have to modify but 2 wires that were just too short.

Only 1 issue he ran into, the car will not start with the key. He had to install a Start Button (which I am fine with, done right actually looks kool). He and his MB contacts think it is because they used an ECU from a car that uses and RF Key not a mechanical key. Unfortunately only 3 cars with the same ECU use a mechanical key, only 1 uses a V8. Last I read he was going to attempt to use an ECU from that car and see if he gets his Key Start back.

After he was done and running He also went into details of what too look for when buying an engine, wiring Harness and ECU from a Donor car so you can make everything work with minimal issues.

Granted it was by no means plug and play. Mechanically everything went together like factory (engine wiring harness ecu etc)

Where he ran into issues was the Association of the Contol Modules through out the vehicle. Which he solved with a Copy of MB C3 Star system and a guy that has the capability of resetting the VIN number in the ECU. (IE: virgining the ECU)

Luckily we don't have to go that deep in the software!!

I think I do remember someone that was going to do a 4.7 to 5.7 swap saying that they put the 5.7 PCM in their truck and it ran. If i am remembering correctly what ever year this was would probably be the easiest to swap.

From my understanding about the only difference on the engines (4.7 to 5.7) as far as connectors go is the Electronic Throttle on the TB.

All those that know the details please share.

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I need help.I have most of my wires hooked up and my motor spins over when I hit the key switch"But I'm not getting any fire and my dash reads"NO BUS". I put a 2004 Hemi in a 2001 Dakota with a 2003 computer and wiring harness.
If your odometer and gauges aren't reading anything, then your PCI wire isn't hooked up.
You do not have a CAN bus system on your truck or the donor PCM. The SCI wires are for communication between a scanner/programmer and the PCM. The PCI wire is labeled as such, and it goes to the PCI wire on your truck.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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