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OK, I now have the 5.7 up and running fine I am trying to get it together enough to take it to the exhaust shop Friday morning.

But I am down to 2 issues
1 the throttle pedal does not move the throttle blades. I have 5v on the correct pins at the pedal. Should the throttle blades move with the key in the ON position or do I have to start the engine to make this operate?

2 The transmission is not engaging the relays when I move the gear select lever. The gears do change when I move the lever from P to N, I know this because I have to push it in and out of the garage when I start it up. I do have 12v on the Trans relay output and Trans relay control is going to the correct pin on C4 on the ECM.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Truck is an 02 Dakota, 05 5.7 ECM and 05 Durango wiring Harness

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Check the Durango wiring harness. There may be some pins that are not matching up with the ECM and gauge cluster.
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