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Hey guys -

I have an 01 Durango *2wd* 5.9. (went with the 2wd to save some $ and drivetrain loss/complexity.. plus I get 2 mpg better than my buddy with an R/T)

Well, it looks a little girly next to a 4wd durango. Initially I thought I could overcome it just with bigger tires, but finally I bit the bullet and ordered 2" spring extentions and 2" shackles for the rear.

So here's where I'm not sure what to do next... What *is* the stock suspension height difference between a 2wd and 4wd durango? I'm thinking it's only about an inch.. so when I'm done, is it safe to assume I'll be an inch taller than a 4wd? And then the next question - with that sort of lift, what will the appropriate size tire be to keep the wheelwells looking right? Do I want to shoot for approx 31" tires?

And last but not least - are my stock shocks going to work with the 2" lift? Should I go with aftermarket shocks made for the 4wd instead? Are the shocks marketed for the 4wd D the same fitment as mine, just a little longer??

I know that was a lot of questions, hope someone can answer a few...

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Well, nobody answered me, so I'll answer myself. After a little more research, here is everything I did.

In the front, I went with 2" (1 3/4") spring spacers, the kind that go underneath the spring.

In the rear, I decided to go with a longer shackle. I ordered the Beltech 6700, but after further inspection decided that this might actually be taller than I want to go in the rear. So I just re-ordered the 6400 which will be here thursday, so I can compare the two and go with whatever looks best.

I went to 3 different auto parts stores asking about shocks and got different answers from all of them. Finally I called Monroe's tech support line, and got the correct part #s for the stock 2wd D, and then asked about extended shocks. The 4wd shocks definitely do NOT mount up directly. The guy on the phone was able to give me part #s that he was pretty sure would work - but then I took those #s to one of the above auto parts stores and they couldn't find the #. Also got some good info - for one thing he said that on the 2wd D the front shock is what limits droop - so I might actually not WANT to go too much longer on the front shock, because of the risk that some other suspension component would become the limiting factor instead. In the rear, I believe he said the springs themselves are what will keep the wheel from going down too far.

Taking that advice, and the lack of availablity for the other part #s he gave me, I went ahead and ordered new stock length D shocks. The 4x4 shop that is installing the lift for me said in their experience, going with a 2" or less lift rarely requires extended shocks, and especially not if I don't offroad with the D.

As for tires, I went with the stock size (265/70/16 I believe) for the 4x4. This just BARELY clears the stock 2wd suspension. I get slight rubbing on the fenderwell at full turn, and hitting some train tracks today @ 35 mph the tires whacked pretty well on landing. Hopefully the lift will take care of all of that.

Getting everything installed this friday. Will try to get before and after shots - unfortunately I totally spaced out about getting "Before before" shots with the stock donut tires, but at least can do before/after with the lift.
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