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Hello everyone,

I am new to the whole computer driven engine system scene, I did go to GM Factory Service Tech school for a year back in the early 90s... but everything has changes since then, I am looking for a little help please....
My truck is a 2K 4.7L Durango:
My MIL/CEL came on today and I got 2 codes, P0202 and P0207...... The FSM doesn't really give you too much info about how to fix these codes, so I am looking for some help Please!....
They seem to be injector problems, #2 and #7 but they are different types of problems, anyone experience these?
Thanks in advance for any and all help!


202,207 codes

Doug, I now this is late for an answer but I was getting the same on my 00. in fact after a couple weeks I was getting 202 through 208 along with several other codes,,, could not get consistant codes and even a mechanic friend was baffled. I also had a surge while at idle.

I changed the TPS and it all went away...about 40 bucks.... the estimate from the dealer when I took it in was 80 to "pull codes" and another 2-300 to replace a couple things...NOT the TPS. It would be worth it to try that first since Ive heard the same story from others. Well, good luck if itws still acting up and Im sorry if you spent a lot of money already and thats the problem.

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