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Hey Guys,

I've got a 2005 Dakota (4.7) and I believe that one of my transmission line fittings is stripped on the radiator side. The connector won't thread on at all. It's the radiator side that is stripped. Threads on the male connector look to be fine. I assume this means I will need to replace the radiator? Just looking for some suggestions at this point. Also, if I do have to replace, any write-ups that folks would recommend?



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I just finished changing out my rad after it failed a year and half later since replacing it before.
You have to be careful when threading in those lines. Getting it lined up is a chore. Its always best to thread as much as possible by hand before using a wrench and make sure the threads are clean.
All I can suggest is replace the rad. I found it best to remove the bumper and rad support on my truck because I have an AC condenser, and tranny cooler in front of my rad. Removing the bumper made it easy to get at the rad drain and moving all 3 rads forward. Be sure to install all the hardware in the new rad before installing it on the vehicle. Those little nuts for the electric fan can be a bitch
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