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ok heres the down low... i am taking part in riding a cross country bike ride to raise awareness and funds to fight poverty around the world. i need to raise at least $2500 as a part of this cause, so thats where you guys come in...any donations will help me reach the goal...and they will be GREATLY appreciated!!! i will only be able to participate in one week of the ride, going from iowa city IA to grand rapids MI due to constraints at work... i would have loved to do the full ride but, cant....

the info on the tour is here--> www.seatosea.org

and to give a donation, click here--> http://www.seatosea.kintera.org/faf...F7388FF1843188BABCC50F18867EA&supId=376739864 and click the "Give Now" button on the right hand side. all funds go straight to the organization, not to me, so no worries about that...

again, any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
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