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I am currently pricing out different alternatives to upgrade my motor (5.9L on a ’99 Durango). I plan on keeping it N/A since going S/C will be way over my budget.
Does anyone know any good places to order online that offer kits that include:
-Intake Manifold
-Aftermarket Cam
-Assembled Heads
-Gaskets and Bolts kit
I would prefer a site that tailors to my price and performance needs since I may want to pass on the heads if they are too expensive and would like to go with the most radical cam I can get with the setup being offered.
Also if it makes a difference (some manufaturers may be for specific needs) I would like to increase torque, not necessarily HP.

Thanks for your help:mullet:

P.S. last time I started pricing the pieces out individualy it was so expensive and conflusing on what matches what, I had to pass on the whole thing.:huh:

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one of the cheapest places i've come across for intakes is here
as far as anything else goes,you need too figure out what your goal's are and what you can afford.clearwater heads are fairly reasonable,just search for clearwater heads,as their in florida.
otherwise keep your eyes out on here and another one that i know of is bionicdodge.com,as you'll find from time to time a good set of heads(like eddies) for very reasonable prices.i've got a custom grind john mercedes cam for sale for 200.00 shipped,if your interested. pm me and i'll give you the spec's and so on..theres also an m1 for sale on here now down in the forsale board..
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