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I am going to pull the driver side head.
What all do I have to pull to get it off?
How do the chains come off?
Can I just unbolt the exhaust manifold and leave the exhause hooked up?
what has to come off the front of the engine?


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First read the engine chapter in the manual that GWhaley posted for you.

but these all need to go ...

Drain coolant
Air Hat over throttle body
some hoses and stuff on top.
Injectors / Fuel Rail
Wiring for plugs and injectors on that side.
Serpentine belt
Power steering pump (just rest it on the frame)
Idler pulley and belt tensioner
Fan Clutch
Water pump
Lower pulley / balancer
Timing cover

Now, In my case I pulled all of the timing chains/sprockets.tensioners out. you should not need to do that for just that one head.

As for the exhaust manifold, yes you can just remove it from the head without separating it from the exhaust.

... and whatever I forgot.


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I'm still not getting how it goes back together.
Why do you need the special tool?
I am waiting on my new head to get hear right now.
Riight now the only chain that is off is the dirver side cam chain.
Can't I just put that chain back on the gear and put the gear on the cam with TDC one the crank pulley and V8 upright on the cam gear or is there more too it than that?

Also Do I have to replace the head bolts?

yea sorry for hijacking that was for me lol
No problem.
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