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LOL.. pompous.. eh eh.. hehehehe


I got my test runs in.. SORRY PALASADES!!!!!!!! I wasn't drving for those.. Wayne was!!!!!! eeeep.. :help:

after putting an OE virgin valve body back into my new trans.. it worked great.. :biggthump

so we reconnected the FAST system and I tested it and drove it.. :biggthump

so cleaned up real quick like, loaded it up on the trailer.. and off to the track we went..

ran two N/A passes..

14.8 and 14.8 .. man.. I had time to set stereo channels!!!!!! LOL.. really nice though, I could watch my gauges VERY closely.

Strap the belt on and voila.. no 1-2 shift, but solid 2-3.. okie.. 12.86 @ 107..

back in the pit.. Wayne convinces me to try one more time and we slide the TV cable forward a few clicks..

Next pass.. 12.36 @ 109 with a shift at 5500 in first.. and 5500 in second.. and a finish line RPM of 5500..

odd thing is that the engine was up high enough, with a loose enough stall that when the lock up hit.. the engine did NOT drag down much at all.. the truck just reared up and started to pull something fierce!..

I was puffing fuel out the pipes like a twerbo diesel and pulled timing just in case for that run as well. Plus was 130#'s heavier race weight, had the clutch fan on, and long belt.. when I ran my 12.28 at 111.40 I didn't have any of that.. so not bad to hit .08 on a quick shake down run. I didn't have enough fuel to run blower tune programs, and I didn't get out to the track until 9pm.. but.. I MADE IT!!!!

So Scott.. I can run you heads up N/A!!!! hehehehe oh.. those N/A times were on my 28" tires too.. LOL .. lemme try your 26's!!!!!!!!! hehehe
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