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Timada126, I've looked at the four posts you've made so far, and nothing you say really makes sense. Here you have an '06 "darkota Durango" and you want help with a problem that you don't specify.
On another post you ask, "Anywhere I can go with my 08 Darkota Durango[?]" without giving a clue what you're talking about or where you are. On another the original poster is complaining about how his newly-purchased Dakota is in limp mode and he's thinking about selling it, and your response is, "Good for you. Looking to get one before the end of the year."

I'm not sure if you're using a poor web translator to translate your thoughts into English, or you're drunk posting, or you're really lonely and you've randomly chosen this Dakota-Durango forum to try and make a connection with anyone about anything at all.

Before you hit the "post" button, think about what people are going to need to know to be able to answer your question, and provide that information first.

And go out to your 2006 or 2008 Dakota (pickup truck) or Durango (SUV) and figure out what you are actually driving.

Or do you actually mean "Darkota"? Urban Dictionary: Darkota
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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