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We made an announcement a while back and we now have stock and production units, The finished product is posted on our website.

The Biggest feature on the standard rail kit is the ability to connect the stock dodge gas line fitting right to the new GS Billet rails

so if you have a stock setup and you want to upgrade the looks and performance with out going to a return style system, you can purchase the
new billet rails with the stock connection fitting

There are a few options available as far as line material (ss braided or nylon braided). There is also options on rail color, as well as an option for a dual feed setup for those of you with return line systems.

The other kits include A standard crossover style return style system or the best performance set a dual feed return style kit is avilable

Check out http://www.gsmotorsports.com/fuelrails.htm for all the new descriptions and pics!! !


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